How HSC Can Help REALTORS With Short Sales

Realtor Short Sale Transaction managementIf you’re a seasoned real estate agent then you probably already know that your main focus is, or should be, selling real estate. In today’s market, Short sales are unavoidable for listing agents. Realtors motivated to list and sell residential homes and condos can expect a large number of the properties they list to be short sales. In Utah for example, there are 16,495 active properties listed for sale in Utah’s largest MLS system.  $3,585 of those houses and condos are listed as short sales — That’s 20% of the inventory! So if you’re a listing agent in the Salt Lake City / Northern Utah region, then there is about a 20% chance that your next listing will be a short sale!

Short sales can be time consuming, lengthy, and frustrating for Realtors to manage. Additionally, there is a higher chance of a short sale failing if the Realtor is inexperienced in listing and negotiating short sales and/or has little or has never worked with the bank or lender involved in the transaction.

Homeowners Servicing Company (HSC) is a professional third-party short sale negotiation firm based in Murray, Utah. We help real estate agents throughout Utah and around the USA successfully close short sale deals. The negotiators at HSC have several years of experience and have successfully negotiated hundreds of short sales for real estate agents and sellers. HSC has experience negotiating with all the large banks and lending institutions, as well as several local and small banks and credit unions.

HSC starts the short sale process on behalf of the seller and agent as soon as the Realtor takes the listing. HSC then manages the short sale aspect of the transaction for the agent, allowing him or her to focus on selling homes and taking more listings.

Our Short Sale Service for Realtors Includes the Following Plus More:

  • HSC will collect all required paperwork and signatures needed in order to start the short sale process.
  • HSC will help the agent market the property utilizing effective Internet and social media techniques.
  • Once an offer is received, HSC will contact the bank and start the negotiation process.
  • HSC will work directly with home loan servicing and mortgage companies that have liens on the property e.g. the first and second mortgage holders to obtain short sale approval.
  • HSC will also work to have any other liens; including tax liens, judgements, home equity loans / lines of credit, and anything else clouding the title removed.
  • Additionally, HSC will communicate with all parties involved as to the status of the transaction and notify the agents of any issues that may arise.

By working with HSC, you’ll feel confident that your transaction is being handled timely and properly. HSC’s advanced software provides the listing Realtor and seller with the ability to log-in and view the status of the short sale throughout the short sale process.

In most transactions, HSC is paid at closing, and typically there are no upfront fees charged to the Realtors, Sellers, or Buyers!

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