Do I Need To Be Behind On My Mortgage To Short Sale My Home?

How to Short Sale Your Home Without Being in DefaultMost people who successfully short sale their home or condo are able to do so because they have fallen behind on their monthly mortgage payments and their bank would rather negotiate a short sale instead of foreclosing on the property.

So what about homeowners who are current with their home loans, but have negative equity and owe more on their house than it’s worth?

Contrary to popular belief, it may still be possible to successfully short sale real estate that you own, even if you are not behind on your mortgage loan.

Ultimately, it is up to the lender, however several homeowners that HSC has worked with have been successful in short selling their house while still being current on their house loan. To learn more about this process, and whether or not it might work for your situation, Contact us below for  more information or a free and confidential consultation.

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