Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure prevention options. Learn about short sales, loan modifications, and other options if you are facing foreclosure.

You Won’t Fall Victim To Faulty Foreclosure Practices With HSC

Short Sale Homes and Help

The Federal Reserve released documents showing how U.S. mortgage servicers pledged to overhaul faulty foreclosure practices that led to this month’s $25 billion settlement with state and federal authorities. Bank of America Corp. (BAC), Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) and JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) were among lenders that submitted the so-called action plans following […]

Local Attorneys Defrauding Struggling Homeowners?

Foreclosure Fraud

Several attorneys are offering to help homeowners prevent foreclosure by collecting hefty upfront fees, claiming they will work with the bank to stop the foreclosure.

Major Banks Stop Foreclosures During Holidays

Mortgage servicers such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other large home loan companies are spreading some Christmas love by pledging not to foreclosure and evict delinquent homeowners during Christmas time. Other Participating Mortgage Companies Include: Chase Mortgage Wells Fargo Bank of America Some Local Banks and Lenders This Christmas gift of sorts will affect […]

Bank Foreclosures Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon – Take Action!

Foreclosure Statistics December 2011

A new study shows that the nation is not even half way through the foreclosure mess. Are you at risk of losing your home to the bank? Know your options and stop foreclosure!

How Homeowners Mentally Process Foreclosure

how people process foreclosure and how to overcome fear and prevent foreclosure

How the common homeowner processes the thought of losing their home. If you are behind on your mortgage, learn how to overcome these roadblocks and prevent foreclosure.

Know Your Rights If You Are Nearing Foreclosure

Save Your Home From Foreclosure

IT’S YOUR HOME. IT’S YOUR FAMILY. IT’S YOUR RIGHTS! Are you in or near foreclosure? If you are, like many other homeowners caught up in the mortgage meltdown, the maze of different potential directions can be mind-numbing. You might be asking yourself questions like: What can I do to save my home? What is a […]

Why You Should Hire A Short Sale Negotiator

Hiring a third party short sale negotiator

Whether you are the seller or the listing agent of a distressed property, a professional short sale and loss mitigation negotiator can be a great partner in helping you get your home sold more quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions About Short Sales

Foreclosure prevention with short sales

learn about the short sale process and how to save your home from foreclosure.

The Impact Foreclosure Has In Utah

Short Sale Homes and Help

Find out how foreclosure has impacted residents in Utah and what you can do to prevent foreclosure of your home and in your community.

What To Do If Your Bank Is Threatening to Foreclosure

Options if your are facing foreclosure

There are several reasons why people lose their homes to foreclosure. Job loss, illness, and divorce are among the many factors that lead to a foreclosure. Often times individuals and families who have lost their homes are left wondering where they will go next. At HSC it is our goal to help people get back on […]

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