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Delays in Foreclosures Rise: Top States for Delays

Short Sale Homes and Help

On average, home owners in foreclosure can stay in their homes for over a year before they are evicted. In the first quarter of this year, the foreclosure process nationwide averaged 370 days to complete — that’s up from 348 days in the previous quarter and the lengthiest average since 2007, according to RealtyTrac. While […]

February Foreclosure Activity Trends Down after January Surge

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After a sharp increase in January, foreclosure starts and sales have reverse direction and resumed the steady decline they began in mid-fall.  The February Mortgage Monitor Report published by Lender Processing Servicers (LPS) showed foreclosure starts down 15 percent from January to 172,602, 15.4 percent lower than during the same period in 2011.  Foreclosure sales decreased 19 […]

Utah Foreclosure Rate Ranks in Top Five

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While Nevada continues to have the highest foreclosure rate, Utah also ranks in the top five, according to recent data from RealtyTrac. States With The Highest Foreclosure Rate: Nevada: 6 percent (1 in 16 housing units received at least one foreclosure filing in 2011) Arizona: 4.14 percent (or 1 in 24) California: 3.19 percent (or […]

Guess What? Your Bank Would Rather Not Foreclose!

Many homeowners believe mortgage company wants their house, However most lenders would rather work with a struggling homeowner rather than foreclosing on their home.

Can The Bank Seek Money From Me After A Short Sale Or Foreclosure?

Short Sale and Foreclosure Deficiency Judgements

One of the top questions we get here at HSC is can a mortgage company seek a repayment of their loss once a homeowner short sells or loses his or her house to foreclosure. The answer is yes, however many banks, especially the large ones do not go after former homeowners for money. Legally, the […]

Major Banks Stop Foreclosures During Holidays

Mortgage servicers such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other large home loan companies are spreading some Christmas love by pledging not to foreclosure and evict delinquent homeowners during Christmas time. Other Participating Mortgage Companies Include: Chase Mortgage Wells Fargo Bank of America Some Local Banks and Lenders This Christmas gift of sorts will affect […]

Bank Foreclosures Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon – Take Action!

Foreclosure Statistics December 2011

A new study shows that the nation is not even half way through the foreclosure mess. Are you at risk of losing your home to the bank? Know your options and stop foreclosure!

How To Sell Just About Anything in Utah

How to sell stuff quickly for quick cash

If you are facing foreclosure or dealing with a short sale, find out how to sell off some of your stuff fast and make some quick cash.

Three Options for Underwater Homeowners

What to do if you owe more than your house is worth

Find out what options exist and which one is best for you if you are facing foreclosure and at risk of losing your home.

Find Out Your Foreclosure Sale Date

Find out when your foreclosure auction is scheduled to take place in Utah

Find out when your Utah home or condo is scheduled for auction. If you’re home is in foreclosure, we can help you find out the details of the bank sale.

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