How Homeowners Mentally Process Foreclosure

how people process foreclosure and how to overcome fear and prevent foreclosureFor most homeowners, there is nothing worse than the thought of losing your home to foreclosure, especially if you have a family to support. When you are unable to pay your bills, including the mortgage, it is common for homeowners to simply hide from the collectors and avoid the issue, rather than trying to work with the banks. Recent studies have even come out stating that most homeowners never attempt to contact the bank when they have fallen behind on their home loan, ultimately leaving them without a place to live when the bank decides to foreclose.

Common Emotions Experienced By Defaulted Homeowners

Fear and Panic

The thought and action of not making the mortgage payment can leave a homeowner in a constant state of fear and overwhelming dread of what lies ahead. For homeowners with no backup plan in place, this fear can turn into a paralyzing feeling of panic.

Guilt and Shame

Responsible homeowner often experience feelings of guilt and shame at the thought of needing to reach out and ask someone for help. The reality is; the guilt and shame a homeowner behind on their payments experiences, is nothing compared to what they will feel if they lose their home to foreclosure.

Trust and Intimidation

With all the reported loan modification scams and mortgage fraud reports, homeowners are reluctant to trust people and companies who reach out to help them. While this is understandable, many homeowner end up missing out on legitimate programs that could possibly help them stay in their house and / or avoid a seven year foreclosure mark on their credit report.

Help Is Available – You Are Not Alone!

If any of the above describes your situation, then know that you are not alone! Thousands of homeowners are in the same boat, but only a handful of them are doing anything about it.

At Homeowners Servicing Company, we advocate for the homeowner and can work with the banks on your behalf, so you never have to contact them yourself. If you are behind on your payments, and approaching a foreclosure sale of your property, we can provide you with a range of potential options including everything from staying in your home to walking away from it with extra cash in your hand.

The sooner you seek help, the more options you may have.

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