How to Avoid Mortgage and Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Real Estate Scam preventionThere’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about mortgage related scams including loan modification and home loan / foreclosure rescue programs. Currently, troubled homeowners are being taken advantage of left and right during times when they are most vulnerable and in need of financial help.

According to the FDIC, common foreclosure and home rescue scams include:

  • Lease-back or repurchase scams
  • Partial interest bankruptcy scams
  • Refinance scams
  • Internet and phone scams
  • Phantom help scams

Mortgage & Foreclosure Help From A Reputable Company

Homeowners Servicing Company has helped hundreds of homeowners facing the implications of foreclosure. By providing legitimate and realist options, HSC has helped homeowners avoid foreclosure through legitimate loan modification plans, short sales, bankruptcy Additionally, our company has met with local government officials in an effort to develop programs to help individuals and families avoid bank foreclosure.

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