Local Attorneys Defrauding Struggling Homeowners?

Foreclosure FraudRecently HSC was in contact with an individual who was at risk of losing his house, with a foreclosure sale date quickly approaching. When we spoke to him he explained that he had paid an attorney several thousands of dollars, up front in order to stop the foreclosure sale of his home. The attorney had told the homeowner that his firm would file the necessary paperwork with the bank in order to postpone the sale date of the house while they worked towards a plan to prevent the foreclosure. The homeowner was also told that he would not know whether or not the extension was granted until the time of the sale.

Unfortunately the homeowner did not hear about the services offered by HSC until the night before the sale was scheduled and while we explained to him that the attorney had misinformed him about the process and that he should have known about the extension ahead of time, he decided to wait it out because he had paid that large retainer to the attorney.

Unfortunately, the sale date arrived and this particular homeowner lost his home. Additionally, he was never provided with copies of the paperwork that the attorney had allegedly sent in to postpone the sale. The upset homeowner now wishes he would have sought the help of Homeowners Servicing Company when he had the opportunity;  If so, he may have actually been able to stop the sale without having to dish out any upfront money.

Attorneys are among the few professionals who are allowed by state law to charge upfront fees to help people with foreclosure prevention and loan modifications. However in this case, and in several other cases that we have heard about, some attorneys are collecting large fees from struggling homeowners and keeping the cash without contacting the banks at all; leaving the homeowners with less money and no home.

HSC Does Not Charge Up Front Fees For Foreclosure Assistance Services

At HSC we can help you stop the sale of your foreclosure and work out a plan to save your home without charging any upfront fees for our services. Additionally, HSC informs you about all your options, keeps you informed throughout the process, and provides you with copies all all paperwork that we submit to the mortgage lender and trustee.

If You Are Facing Foreclosure Talk To HSC Before Making A Decision On How To React!

Don’t  be duped out of thousands of dollars by a “professional” who claims that he or she can help you, but then takes no action to do so!

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