After Foreclosure

Information and resources for individuals and family who have faced a foreclosure. Find out how to rebuild after the bank has taken your home.

Can The Bank Seek Money From Me After A Short Sale Or Foreclosure?

Short Sale and Foreclosure Deficiency Judgements

One of the top questions we get here at HSC is can a mortgage company seek a repayment of their loss once a homeowner short sells or loses his or her house to foreclosure. The answer is yes, however many banks, especially the large ones do not go after former homeowners for money. Legally, the […]

Solutions For Homeowners Who’ve Lost Their House

Resources for homeless people in Utah

HSC tries to help everyone, regardless of their current housing or financial situation. For victims of foreclosure, we can help you get your credit on track. Additionally, we may be able to help you reduce debt and find housing.

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