Credit Repair

Credit repair assistance and information on how to restore your credit after experiencing a foreclosure or short sale on your house or condo.

How Mortgage Lates and Foreclosure Affect Your Credit Score

How a foreclosure or short sale hurts your credit

Many homeowners wonder what effect a mortgage delinquency (late payment), a short sale, or a foreclosure has on their credit. Many people just assume that their credit is ruined if they run into mortgage problems. Recent research reveals that their is a significant difference between between the type of delinquency a homeowner receives on their credit report and the […]

Are You Hiding From Your Debt Collectors?

How to Work with collection agencies and get rid of debt

Debt collection agencies can be rude and threatening, leaving you feeling like you have no options. However You do have options! Contact HSC today to learn more about our consumer debt solutions.

How Mortgage Default Changes Your Life

Foreclosure Statistics December 2011

Record-breaking foreclosure statistics are announced almost weekly in today’s economy. However, once a foreclosure is final, the financial and emotional upheaval is far from over. Some major issues foreclosed families deal with are: Finding a new home Suffering the credit fallout Buying another home Owing an employer an explanation Getting hit with the tax bill […]

What To Do If Your Bank Is Threatening to Foreclosure

Options if your are facing foreclosure

There are several reasons why people lose their homes to foreclosure. Job loss, illness, and divorce are among the many factors that lead to a foreclosure. Often times individuals and families who have lost their homes are left wondering where they will go next. At HSC it is our goal to help people get back on […]

Mortgage Fraud Soars 88%

Short Sale Homes and Help

According to a recent article, mortgage fraud jumped recently due to debt elimination scams and cases involving misrepresentation, occupancy and other mortgage related crimes.

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