The deed in lieu of foreclosure offers several advantages to both the borrower and the lender. The principle advantage to the borrower is that it immediately releases him from most or all of the personal indebtedness associated with the defaulted loan. The borrower also avoids the public notoriety of a foreclosure proceeding and may receive more generous terms than he would in a formal foreclosure.

If you have been unable to make your monthly mortgage payments and have also been unsuccessful trying to sell your home at the market value, this form of foreclosure may be what is necessary to get you back on track. This procedure allows you to transfer your property voluntarily to your lender or Mortgage Company and your debt or deficiency is often forgiven. This will not save your home, but it will help you with your chances of getting another mortgage loan in the future and it will help you avoid the lengthy legal process of foreclosure. Although it is a negative strike on your credit rating, it is less harmful than a mortgage foreclosure.

Typically your Mortgage Company will require that your home has been listed with a Real Estate Agent for at least 30 days and there are no other liens on the property for them to approve you. Some Companies may also require that the property be vacant, an interior appraisal of the property and a minimum of 60 days prior to a Foreclosure sale. Let us help you with filing the necessary paperwork and negotiating with your Mortgage Company.

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